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Do You Know Someone With Cancer?

Having trouble thinking of how to help someone in your life who has cancer? Is a friend in your book club, study group, congregation or bunco group getting chemotherapy? Has a colleague or neighbor been diagnosed with cancer? If you and your friends want to help but don’t know how, consider getting together and making a group purchase of a Chemo Recovery Kit.


Flowers and dinners are nice, but our products are truly practical and will long be appreciated. Each of our Recovery Kit items has been personally selected and used by our company founder, a three-time cancer survivor. Help your friend Gear Up For Recovery!



Research leads to understanding your disease–which helps alleviate fear and empowers you to make informed decisions and participate fully in your care.  It also is a great starting point to develop a list of questions for your doctor.  These are some resources we have found to be useful.

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Chemotherapy Clothing – The Chemono


We specialize in chemotherapy clothing!  Our principal product – the patent-pending Chemono® – was designed and developed by one of our founders, who is a three-time cancer survivor herself and has been through chemotherapy.  Frustrated and embarrassed by constantly having to expose her chest for chemotherapy, she developed this beautiful and comfortable clothing for herself and others going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer.

Our founder explains:  “I am a breast cancer survivor – three times!  Needless to say I’ve spent lots of time in oncology units getting chemotherapy.  I learned pretty quickly that you end up leaving dignity and modesty at the door.  You have to give the nurses access to the port in your chest, which means either taking your shirt off or stretching out the necklines.  It’s uncomfortable and humiliating.  Well, after twice being left with my shirt half-off, I decided to take control of the situation.  I made chemotherapy clothing  for myself that allowed me to stay covered, while keeping my port accessible to the nurses.

I called it the ‘Chemono.’  Styled like a kimono, it features a ‘hatch’ through which I could get hooked up to chemo.  I made it long enough to cover my bum, and I picked out gorgeous fabrics that made me look stylish, even though I was pale, weak and bald.    Taking that bit of control back really helped my mental health, which helped me feel better.  I hope you enjoy the Chemono too.


In addition to the Chemono, Chemo Ready-Set-Go sells a whole line of Chemo Recovery necessities, including fleece blankets, neck pillows and anti-nausea products.  Buy them for yourself or as a gift for a loved one—and Gear Up For Recovery!”

Best wishes and God Bless,

Michele Niesen

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The Chemono is a kimono-style garment that is fastened via an internal and an external tie.  It is designed to fit a wide range of sizes from average- to plus-size.  For men, youth or very petite women, we will happily create a custom garment.

If you’re interested in a custom Chemono, e-mail us at info@chemoreadysetgo.com and tell us what you’re interested in. We’ll show you what fabrics we have in stock for special garments, or we can discuss other options. For youth, we’ll need the child’s regular clothing size.


 Chemo Ready-Set-Go offers several products for children whose parent or other loved one has cancer.  Our outfits for 18″ dolls match adult styles and include a Chemono top, pants, socks and even a matching kerchief.