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I am thrilled with the protection and security I get from it. I use the Stoma Guard for every karate class. Honestly I never have to think about my stoma while in class anymore -- instead I can concentrate on the class. It has been liberating and wonderful.

Thank you!!! -- Michelle Mood

The Stoma Guard has been great so far. It makes wearing normal clothes a lot easier and I am happy I bought it. I am very pleased with it and it fits good.

Thorsten (Florida)

I feel very comfortable with it on and I feel very protected. I really enjoy having it and feel confident when out in public knowing that I have my stomaplex ostomy protector on.

Damon (California)

Stomaplex – Ostomy Belt & Guard

With Stoma Protection from the Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Stoma Guard, there will be no pressure on your ostomy. This stoma protection improves your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing along with your ostomy belt. Great for work in the office or job site.

Many wonder how to dress with an ostomy and are looking for quality ostomy clothing? The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, work belts, dress belts, etc.

The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Guard will increase your confidence to engage in activities without worry of damaging or contacting your stoma.

Ostomy Clothing questions to ask yourself: 

arrow-green   Worried about getting back to work with a colostomy or ileostomy?
arrow-green  Does the waistband of your clothing cross over your stoma?
arrow-green   Are you concerned about how you are going to wear your clothes?
arrow-green  Do you need a ostomy support belt with built in stoma protection?
arrow-green  Do you worry about bumping your stoma?
arrow-green  Are you able to wear your seat belt properly?
arrow-green  Are you stressed about ostomy leaks?

The Ostomy Belt and Stoma Guard for Active Women and Men

The protective shield of the stoma guard on this ostomy belt is held away from the stoma by a U-shaped pad. This stoma guard is secured in place by a detachable elastic ostomy clothing belt. The brass shield protects the stoma from inadvertent contact. The pad applies pressure on the ostomy appliance assisting in its securement, thus reducing the risk of leaks from under the ostomy wafer. The guard and ostomy belt also provide parastomal hernia prevention.


Keep an Active Lifesytle

Are you interested in resuming a more active lifestyle but concerned about the need to protect your stoma and appliance? The Freedom-Guard Stoma Guard and Ostomy Belt makes an ideal ostomy clothing belt because it is strong enough to keep your stoma supported and protected from impact, but it is light-weight and flexible enough that you’ll forget you have it on. It is also easily washable after a hard work-out, and the neoprene pad allows it to dry within minutes. Wear the ostomy belt under your clothing.


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Stomaplex Ostomy Belt
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Ostomy Belt & Guard & How it Works