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What People Are Saying:

      “I love your pillow cases! They feel so silky smooth and my hair doesn’t get all smashed and tangled. I especially like them in summer when they feel cool to the touch. Thank you again! They are awesome!"
-Sheila O.
South Jordan, UT
      “I love my pillowcases! You are so talented and they are very comfy"
-Veronica M.
Highland, UT
      “These satin pillowcases are wonderful, they remind me of the satin pillowcases my Grandma had when we were kids"
-Brady S.
Lehi, UT

My Satin Pillowcases

My Satin Pillowcases for Survivors

My Satin Pillowcases are perfect for cancer survivors who desire relief from chemotherapy symptoms such as hair loss, dry skin conditions and discomfort. Satin pillowcases have been recommended by the American Cancer Society to help with chemotherapy side effects. Although satin pillow cases can’t stop chemotherapy side effect, they can provide cool comfort and minimize the pull on delicate hair strands that often occurs with cotton or other fabrics.

MySatinPillowcases.com provides soft and comfortable satin pillow cases that can help maintain moisture in the skin and decrease the rate of hair loss during the night. These satin pillowcases make the perfect cancer gift for yourself or a loved one.

We offer king and queen in a large selection of colors to suit your needs. Great for yourself and a friend. Browse our large selection of Satin Pillow Cases.

Read the top 5 reasons to shop at Mysatinpillowcases.com

We offer our customers:

  •     Easy Ordering
  •     Fast shipping- get it in days instead of weeks
  •     Only the highest quality 100% poly Satin
  •     100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  •     Easy to clean and care for; no expensive dry cleaning

My Satin Pillow Cases’ Commitment to you

Easy Ordering- You can order our My Satin Pillow Cases’ online so you never again have to deal with the hassle of driving across town in traffic trying to find satin pillowcases, to make your purchase.

A Complete Selection- We carry a large variety colors and sizes to help you find the best one for your decorating and needs

Superior Quality- We here at MySatinPillowCases.com are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Satin on the market. Each pillow cases is made with care so only the best ends up on your bed.

100% Secure Site- MySatinPillowCases.com uses 128-bit encryption key over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide the highest level of security. SSL provides encryption between web browsers and web servers so you are secure in buying Satin Pillow Cases on our site.

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Benefits of Satin Pillow Cases

  • Cotton pillowcases draw out the moisture in your face and hair, satin pillowcases don't absorb the moisture; helping your skin and hair stay balanced
  • Satin has less friction, causing your hair to have less frizz. It also cuts down static and hair breakage
  • Satin pillowcases prevent sheet wrinkles on your face, wrinkles that can become permanent overtime of use with cotton pillowcases
  • Satin is cool to the touch, keeping you feeling refreshed overnight
  • Inexpensive to maintain, unlike its counterpart silk, satin doesn't require dry cleaning. Simply throw it in the washer and tumble dry and its as good as new.

Benefits of buying from MySatinPillowcases.com

  • Large 3-inch cuffs with decorative trim
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Extra large pillowcases, your pillows won't fall out anymore
  • High quality charmeuse satin
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast Shipping
  • Large selection of colors in all sizes
  • Buy a pair of pillowcases for less than it would cost to buy singles on other sites