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"Just received my second order. I am so pleased for two reasons. The new headscarf is so nice, it is not skimpy like others I have ordered from other websites, it has more than enough fabric and the padding on the front is also definitely a plus. The second reason I am so pleased is that your shipping is so reasonable and quick. I am not gouged with shipping costs making it not worth it to order just one or two items when I need them. I will definitely shop with you again!" - J.O., West Chester, PA


Solid and Pattern Style Turbans


Stretchy Cotton Solid Wide Headwrap (13 Colors!)


Head scarves in a variety of styles

My Head Coverings

Chemotherapy side effects can include hair loss for most cancer patients. Finding cute head coverings, hats, berets, or scarfs from My Head Coverings can help you meet cancer ‘head on’ with style! Hair loss from chemotherapy can lead to other illnesses and symptoms just from having an uncovered head in colder weather. Unique head coverings not only help give you a sense of style but are also very functional as they can help keep your head warm as you undergo chemotherapy treatment until your natural hair begins to grow back. 

So Many Styles…

You’ve Got To See Them All!

 Cancer chemotherapy treatments can leave you feeling bare and exposed when it comes to hair loss. MyHeadCoverings.com provide a great solution by offering a wide variety of head covers, hats, scarves and more!

Whether you’re looking for headscarves for cancer patients, or even a basic tiechel or hat for a bad hair day MyHeadCoverings.com has the the best head scarf for you.

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MyHeadCoverings.com carries a full line of Crochet Snoods, Cotton Snoods, Classic Snoods, Pre-Tied Bandanas, Berets and Hats and Israeli Tichels. You are sure to find a style that is perfect for you.

Providing products that are top of the line quality while keeping our prices affordable – our styles, service and shipping can’t be beat!

Chemotherapy doesn’t have to mean the end of fashion. MyHeadCoverings.com is happy for the opportunity to help other women, especially those going through hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments.

Sara, the owner of MyHeadCoverings.com feels that there is a unique head covering for every woman that can make her look and feel beautiful and love helping each woman find that perfect head covering.

The customers who make them the happiest are those that tell us… “my hair’s growing back so I no longer need your head coverings!”

View all our styles and more at MyHeadCoverings.com today!

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My Head Coverings
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Visit our web site


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