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Gabe's Chemo Duck for children with cancer


Gabe’s My Heart was established to assist family members being treated for childhood cancer. When a child is diagnosed with cancer the whole family suffers, and everyone requires personalized healing. Gabe’s My Heart offers therapeutic play tools and education to assist every member of the family.


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Gabe's Chemo Duck Program is a standardized, comprehensive education system for children and families coping with childhood cancer.

Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program® is a program of the Nashville-based nonprofit organization, Gabe’s My Heart.


Established in 2004 to provide education and comfort to children living with cancer through medical play using therapeutic tools, Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program has provided more than 5,000 ducks to children around the world.


The goal of the program is to enable hospital staff and parents to prepare children for chemotherapy treatment and eliminate the fear of the unknown. Chemo Duck is a stuffed yellow duck dressed in blue hospital scrubs with a bandana around its head, a chemotherapy port on its chest and an immobilizer on his arm.


In a gentle, age-appropriate manner, children learn what to expect during cancer treatment and have a friend to share the experience. In turn, children can use Chemo Duck to help friends, siblings and classmates to understand and empathize with their experience. To learn more, visit

Gabe's Chemo Duck Program is honored to work with children’s hospitals around the country. Our affiliate hospitals have joined the Chemo Duck program in order to offer medical educational tools to their patients. We work closely with the child life departments at our affiliate hospitals to ensure children and their families obtain the full benefit of our program.


Donations help us supply hospitals with Chemo Ducks and supporting materials for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Please visit for more information.


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